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Kerchief is a handkerchief company focused on spreading social good.  Each product purchased helps a cancer patient in need.

Lauren Creel, Kerchief Founder

Everybody wants to feel good about the way they look.  But for cancer patients who lose their hair, that's just one more challenge to overcome.  At the age of 23, Lauren Creel faced that challenge when she heard the three little words nobody ever wants to hear: "you have cancer."  The rough treatment made all her hair fall out, but she was able to feel better about the way she looked when she put on a beautiful headscarf.

Now 8 years in remission and wanting to help other cancer patients going through treatment, she created Kerchief, a company focused on spreading social good.

For every Kerchief you buy, we'll donate a headscarf to a cancer patient undergoing cancer treatment, one for one.  With Kerchief, you can feel confident that your purchase is helping to brighten up someone's day.

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